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County presents options for $90 million road plan

April 12, 2001

County officials gave a presentation regarding future growth and road improvements in Leavenworth County to about 60 Basehor residents Wednesday, April 4, at Basehor-Linwood High School.

The presentation is part of the county's effort to gather information that will help it plan for future development and improvements .

Planning and Zoning Director John Zoellner passed out a comprehensive plan survey to those attending the meeting, asking them to fill out the form so he could assess the feelings of residents about any improvements that could be made in the county.

Zoellner, along with other county officials, has been visiting several different cities in the county to receive input from the public regarding what they are willing to pay for and what types of improvements they want to see.

Zoellner said the meeting was an informational gathering and results from the survey will be sent to the Leavenworth County Commissioners, so they can make future choices about planning and zoning.

"It will give our Planning Commission and county commissioners an idea on what they should be doing, what people feel is the proper thing for them to be doing," Zoellner said.

Zoellner also discussed the three future land-use map alternatives. The first alternative would be for the county to work with cities in coordinating the planning within each zoning area.

The second option would be to work with cities in a cooperative planning role and to coordinate the planning within each city's planning area.

The third plan- would limit growth and has been termed by Zoellner as the "anti-growth, close-the-door scenario."

Future development in the third plan would follow the existing zoning map and not the land-use plan. The county would not cooperate with cities in planning for growth in the third plan.

Some of the road improvements will depend on survey results and what plan the County Planning Commission recommends to the county commissioners, Zoellner said.

Zoellner said there are three improvement plans for roads and that any plan used would likely be spread out over 20 years.

The first plan would call for a 9-mill property tax levy and would cost around $90 million. Improvements would focus on 160 miles of county roads.

The second option is a $30 million plan, would only focus on 58 miles of county roads and would be paid for by a 3-mill property tax levy.

The third option would leave road improvements up to the individual cities.

Zoellner said in order for the planning commission to get an accurate picture, he needs to get more responses from the survey. Zoellner said he estimates that 150 survey's will be returned, but that isn't enough to judge the whole county.

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