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Hooker looks toward future

Mayor-elect to be sworn in Monday

April 12, 2001

Mayoral-elect Bill Hooker, who won the April 3 election by 44 votes over City Council President Chris Garcia, will take the oath of office Monday.

City Attorney John Thompson will administer the oath to Hooker. Mayor John Pfannenstiel will not attend the meeting, although it is customary of outgoing mayors to attend.

Garcia will open Monday's meeting at Basehor City Hall.

Hooker, 62, said he will take some time to get acquainted with his new position and in that time, hopefully the city can heal from the past few months of controversy surrounding the election.

"We need to realize that we've gone through a pretty nasty period in the last several months and I want us to unify as a community," Hooker said. "I want us to come together and become a really cohesive area. Everybody try and be friends with the other guy, that's what I would like to see and whatever I can do to assist in that I will."

I sincerely believe that a lot of people take an election and disenfranchise themselves from a friendship just because they may differ. I think people need to take a hard look at themselves and say hey, I can agree to disagree on my votes, but God wants us all to be friends and that's what we should strive to do."

Hooker, who has voiced his concerns about annexation of the Falcon Lakes subdivision said that he will have to put his own personal feelings about development aside to figure out what is best for the city.

"Personally, like I told everybody, I wish there would never be another rooftop built in Basehor, but I know that's not realistic," Hooker said. "I have to get that out of my mind and understand that we have to grow because if we don't, somebody else is going to. The things that we may be passing up on may be good deals for somebody else, so we have to look at them."

Hooker said he is in favor of developments that are continuous with city boundaries and developments that bring revenue into the city. He said he is anxious to look at the finer details of Falcon Lakes to see if it fits that criteria.

Hooker said he will bring his own philosophy into the office of mayor. He also said he stands by his previous statement of not wanting to be considered a politician.

"I'm not used to this," Hooker said. "I don't like the word politics at all. I know it's there and there is no way to get around it, but I just don't like the word. I think you can be a mayor without being a politician. I think you can be a mayor and be strictly an administrator and a friend of everybody. Politicians buy people and I'm not for sale."

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