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Letter: Nettleton street project

August 1, 2001

To the Editor:

As a result of the Nettleton street project, the business at Dari Dine, which we have worked hard to make successful for the past four years, will suffer dramatically and may not survive.

Most everyone was aware of a much needed upcoming project for Nettleton. It seems that very few are and were aware of the scope of the project. This lack of awareness is where the problem lies. The Dari Dine will apparently lose an entrance onto Nettleton as well as 10 feet along Kansas Highway 32 that is currently Kansas Department of Transportation right-of-way.

Here is the problem. At least two council members and the city staff knew this project would have drastic effect on the corner of K-32 and Nettleton, by their own admission, a year or two ago. Someone made a conscious decision not to tell us about this until three or four weeks ago. What a shock! It's a done deal!

Five of the council members knew nothing of this until we told them. Apparently, the city is under no obligation to communicate with the people, businesses, etc. But wouldn't it be nice if, just as a common courtesy, they would?

There are three full-time jobs at stake here. This is a potentially devastating blow to us. I am obligated to be upset about this.

I do want to thank the entire City Council and the mayor for letting me express my opinion at the July 16 meeting about this problem. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. You know what they say, a lot of times people don't care until the problem is at their doorstep. This one is at our doorstep and I care. How would you feel?

John Kindred

Dari Dine

Bonner Spring

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