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Letter: Wal-Mart receives tax money, local businesses get nothing

August 1, 2001

To the Editor:

On Monday, July 16, the Bonner Springs City Council approved by a 5 to 3 vote $220,000 for sewer and water improvements that will eventually connect to the Wal-Mart Super Center. The money that will pay for these improvements is coming from the taxpayers of Bonner Springs. As a business owner and taxpayer, it infuriates me that my tax dollars will subsidize a business that I will be competing against.

My family has been doing business in Bonner Springs since 1956. Since then, we have invested $10,000,000 in three buildings and have never received a penny from the city. Wal-Mart received a 10-year tax abatement on its first (current) building and is likely to get $440,000 taxpayer dollars in road and water improvements for its new building. Wal-Mart is the biggest retailer in the world, with profits of more than $1 billion in the last quarter alone.

Our city leaders are willing to give this money to the one corporation that needs it least, while our streets and city infrastructure continue to deteriorate. Every other business foots their own bill, why is Wal-Mart any different?

The approval was only for the water main. The road improvements of $220,000 will come up for a vote in a meeting very soon. I encourage all tax-paying citizens in Bonner Springs to contact their Council member and urge them to vote no and to stop spending our hard-earned tax dollars on improvements that benefit this private business.

You do not know who your Council member is? No problem, I have included City Hall's phone number at the bottom of this letter. You do not know the number of your Council member? No problem, I have also included all the Council member's phone numbers at the bottom of this letter. Please take time and call these public officials. We have to stop catering to this one business and start taking care of our own city.

City Hall: 422-1020

Water Main Vote

Doug Clements: 441-4087 Approved

Jeff Harrington: 441-3281 Approved

Dan Byers: 441-6009 Approved

Archie Sanders: 422-5646 Approved

Wendy Scheidt: 411-3517 Approved

Debe Birzer: 441-4374 Against

Connie Steele: 441-4355 Against

Amber Sechrist: 422-7425 Against

Chad Nolting

Bonner Springs

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