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Students learn healthy living

December 5, 2001

First and second-grade students at Basehor Elementary School are learning healthy ways to live, thanks to an administration program.

On Monday, Dec. 3, first-grade students in Heather Seiler's class received a special presentation from BES counselor Ellen Knight on maintaining healthy ways of living.

The presentation is given to all students in the school, but for the first and second-grade classes, the presentation has an added bonus.

To reach the younger students more easily, Knight uses a puppet named "Dexter the Drug-Free Duck."

"Everyone seems to like him and the kids do to," Knight said. "They always come by and want to see Dexter."

The program not only teaches the younger students the benefits of healthy nutrition but also drug awareness.

"We do things like learn what is a good drug and what is a bad drug," Knight said. "For some of the kids that have medication, they need to make sure what they are taking is the right medication and not someone else's."

To aid in the drug recognition, Knight uses a bag of assorted medicine mixed in with candy to show to students. This makes them more likely to look carefully at what they are taking to make sure it isn't a drug, she said.

"We try to teach them to look at what they are taking and make sure it isn't something they shouldn't be," Knight said.

Teachers as well as students are finding the program to be very successful so far.

Seiler said the program helps her students to remember things they may not have talked about for a while.

"There is a lot of carryover for them," Seiler said. "For them, this is something we haven't talked about for a month, but they are still remembering it."

The older students in the school also get the program, but on a more mature level, Knight said.

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