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Lady ‘Cats like new offense, still waiting for it to pay off

December 12, 2001

The Basehor-Linwood High School girls basketball team is winless in its first three games, but it hasn't been because of a lack of offense. It's been getting into the offense that has been the problem.

Coach Mardy Robinson has installed the offense she ran in college at Fort Hays State to this year's playbook, and so far her players are enjoying the change.

"I like all the movement it brings," sophomore point guard Alex Jeannin said. "I can't stand it when teams just stand around and this offense won't allow us to do that. We're always moving and everybody's gotta know where everybody else is at all times. I love it."

Jeannin, who started most of last season, said she thought the offense was well liked by the rest of the team and that they were picking it up pretty nicely.

"It's difficult because there's so much to know," Jeannin said. "But it's more of a team-oriented offense and I think we're getting it so far."

The offense is designed to work only against man-to-man defenses and Robinson said she decided to teach it because it was time for a change.

"Last year, we were pretty one-dimensional," Robinson said. "And that was also the third year we'd ran the same offense, so I just thought it was time to throw in something new because you really want to have three or four options."

The problem so far this season has been that the Bobcats have had too many turnovers and haven't been able to really get into our set offense.

But Robinson said she can sense her team is getting closer and that the offense should be clicking at any time now.

"We really haven't had a chance to showcase our offense yet," Robinson said. "But we're getting there. We should be there in the next game or so."

When they do finally get there, the new offense will give the Bobcats several options.

With two post players returning from last season's lineup, seniors Tara Lucas and Courtney Reed, the post has been the Bobcats' primary option on most trips down the floor. The new offense creates a way for both post players to be options on the same set one at the high post and one at the low post.

"This offense gets everybody involved," Robinson said. "And that's important. We really want to focus on moving the ball and creating good shots and this offense should do that for us."

BLHS's new offense slightly resembles the triangle offense that the Chicago Bulls made famous, in that it works off of motion, cuts and interior passing.

The post players are often times the focus of the offense, but the guards are still very important they're the ones who will be getting the ball to the post players.

"I like our new offense a lot, because it's something different than we're used to and it'll be unexpected by the opponents," senior Tara Lucas said. "So far, we've picked it up pretty well, but the toughest part has been knowing where the guards are at all times."

Lucas' partner in the post agreed with her about the importance of knowing everybody's role and Reed said thinking one step ahead is the toughest part for her.

"You've always gotta be looking for the next part," Reed said. "There's no time to rest or take a break in this new offense, but that should help our focus and our play."

The Bobcats next action will come Friday night at home against Lansing.

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