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Letter: Treatment of former Basehor

December 12, 2001

To the Editor:

What a shock to read the headline that our long time fire chief Allen Goens has been ousted. Many of us who know him and the dedication and service he has given to our community though the Fire Department are sad and upset the he was terminated in this way. If it was time for him to step down for whatever reason it seems it could have been handled in a more gracious manner. Many feel he would have been better served by a chance for Basehor citizens to say good bye and thank you.

I have always been especially proud of the Fire Department through the years and pray often for their safety and the time they put into protecting us. Too often we forget that. I wanted to write a letter when they saved the library and the house next door to the cabinet shop, but didn't take the time and I am sorry for that. When I meet new neighbors in Iron Creek I always tell them what a great Fire Department we have. And they can feel safe with them at close call. So to treat someone who has helped build that confidence over the years with such unseeming coldness is not acceptable. I hope that others who feel as I do will respond and send a note to Allen and express their gratitude and thanks.

Sandra Grimes


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