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Linwood school begins fund-raising recycling program

December 19, 2001

Linwood Elementary School is teaming with Deffenbaugh Recycling for a school fund-raiser.

School officials recently announced that two recycling containers for paper products would be located at LES for school and community use.

The elementary school will get $25 from Deffenbaugh for every ton of paper recycled through the bins, said Amy Cooper, Linwood Elementary School secretary.

"We haven't collected anything yet because we just started, but that's what we'll get once everything is going," Cooper said.

Only paper products newspapers, magazines and writing paper can be dropped in the bins. All items must be bundled in plastic sacks.

School officials urge those recycling not to put glass or food into the bins.

Cooper said the funds from the project would be used for the purchase of new books as well as future reading projects.

Deffenbaugh would be responsible for emptying the bins, Cooper said.

"They'll pick it up as often as we need to," Cooper said.

Another benefit of the program is the service it will provide to the community.

"There is no recycling program close by," Cooper said. "Everyone we have talked to said they had to drive to Lawrence to recycle. With this, we can make some money for the school and do something for the people that live in Linwood."

Although the recycling program is new to LES, students and local businesses have been supportive, Cooper said.

Although Deffenbaugh Recycling sought out the school for the recycling program, the school thought it would be beneficial for everyone, Cooper said.

"We thought it would be good for the school and good for the community as well as the environment," she said.

Cooper said students at the school are also taking part in the program. Every teacher at the school has placed a recycling bin in their classroom, she said.

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