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Students would perform a variety of feats if they were Santa Claus

December 19, 2001

With Christmas being only days away, children around the world are eagerly anticipating the moment when presents can be unwrapped and brand new toys can be played with.

Students at Basehor Elementary School are no different, and they are anxiously awaiting a visit from Kris Kringle.

But what if you had a chance to be Santa? Asking the students that question, many of them wouldn't change Santa's role at Christmas.

Save for the one student who said she would wear pink instead of red.

A refreshing thought for parents is that all the students wanted to bring joy to others this holiday season.Kassandra Kizziah, kindergarten

"I would deliver presents to kids, but only if they were good. If they were very good, I would give them what they wanted."

Samantha Espinoza, second grade

"I would walk through doors and not down chimneys and I would wear pink instead of red."

Ben Johnson, first grade

"I would practice flying with the reindeer every night."

Owen Lewis, third grade

"I would make sure everything was going right at the North Pole. I would probably eat a few cookies before I went, too."

Lacey Clark, fourth grade

"I'd make sure the elves worked extra hard that way we would have some extra toys."

Ashtynne Farris, fifth grade

"I'd go to everybody's house and take them toys and whatever else they would need."

Austin Fisher, sixth grade

"If I was Santa Claus I'd probably get them what they wanted and I would especially help all the homeless people."

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