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Pendleton able to resume superintendent’s post

February 1, 2001

The only statement Superintendent Dave Pendleton will say about the current situation is that he's capable of returning to work.

"I am able to return whenever the board feels it is appropriate," Pendleton said. "That is really the only thing I want to say at this point."

On August 5, the Basehor Board of Education passed a resolution requesting Pendleton to use his accumulated vacation.

According to the resolution, the school board determined it was in the best interest of the school district and Dr. Pendleton that he uses his vacation to care for his wife, who is suffering from a serious illness.

Pendleton, at the time, had approximately 63 days of vacation time, and said he did not request the leave of absence.

Five months later, there has been no official action from Pendleton or the school board on his future.

School Board President Kerry Mueller said she doesn't know when a decision will be made.

"The board has not talked about it or taken any action," Mueller said. "I would think that the board will pick it up in the near future. The board and Dr. Pendleton will have to sit down and discuss the situation and resolve it in a way that is beneficial to both the district and Dr. Pendleton."

Mueller admits that the decision may look strange since the situation has lasted for several months.

" I suppose it could look odd, but right now things are going smoothly. Dr. Cormack is doing a good job. We just felt that it would be beneficial for him to take a leave for his wife," Mueller said.

Acting Superintendent Cal Cormack said that he hasn't ever seen a school board ask a superintendent to take a leave of absence.

"I haven't seen it since I have been here. I have not experienced it in my professional life. I don't know that it hasn't happened, but I have not been involved in the process where a superintendent has been asked to take a leave of absence. It is not unusual for an employer to ask an employee to take a leave of absence, however," Cormack said.

Mueller said that it is not a normal practice of the board to force someone to take a leave of absence.

"No, it's not normal, but we haven't had a superintendent whose wife has been ill either," Mueller said.

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