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School board candidates make ready for elections

February 22, 2001

There are only two candidates running for Basehor-Linwood School Board Position 6.

Christopher Claflin and Claude Guidry filed for the position vacated by former board member Craig Owlsey.

Claiflin said his decision to file was based on his understanding of education and his experience in architecture.

"I had been talking to the neighbors and other people about running. I decided with my background in education and with my knowledge of physical properties I could be of use to the district," Claiflin said.

Claiflin, an architect, has lived in Linwood since 1993 and has two children in the Basehor-Linwood school district.

Claiflin is a former educator at Wyandotte High School and has three college degrees. He said his education background would be a benefit if elected.

"Being a former teacher and having been in college for awhile myself, I think I have a good background in education. Education has always been big with me and with my family," he said.

Claiflin hopes to help the district challenge students, and develop cooperation among teachers and parents.

"Our job as a board should be to help the students to perform at a high level that is within our limitations and to form some kind of a cooperative between students, teachers and the parents," Claiflin said.

Guidry said that he decided to run because he felt it was important to be active in the district.

" I decided the best way for me to make a positive impact on the district was to run for the school board and maybe get elected and do all I could to help the district out," Guidry said.

Guidry is a contract specialist with the state of Kansas and has lived in Linwood for two years.

Guidry has been a social worker for 23 years and is a licensed master social worker. He said that he would add knowledge of public programs and services offered through the state.

"I would bring a wealth of experience about all of the state programs because I have worked in all of them throughout the years," Guidry said.

Guidry said that he thinks that the current school board has done a good job, but if elected he would be against the return of Superintendent Dave Pendleton.

" I have been very clear with people that if I am elected I would be against, in any manner, Dave Pendleton being the superintendent ever again," Guidry said.

Guidry said that he feels Pendleton's management style is contrary to getting the best results from staff as well as hiring and retaining staff.

"I think that a lot of the staff turnover that has happened in the district is a direct result of his approach to managing the district," Guidry said.

Since there are only two candidates for Position 6, there will be no primary election before the general election on April 3.

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