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Basehor saves money performing snow removal

January 25, 2001

Snow plowing can be an expensive business. Unless you do it yourself.

By using city staff and equipment this winter the Basehor Public Works Department saved in the area of $20,000 on snow removal alone City Superintendent Gene Myracle said.

In the past the city has contracted snow removal to Digger Jim's at a cost of $75 per hour per truck.

Since hiring full-time employees and purchasing a 1999 Ford F-350 and a 2000 Ford F-250, it made sense to add snow plows and do the work in-house rather than have to wait until the contractor was available.

With the public works department performing snow removal, city streets are plowed and cleared much quicker than if a contractor did it.

"During the winter months, we keep a close eye on the weather . If a storm hits during the day or at night, we can have the trucks ready to go in a half-hour. This saves us from having to wait on the contractor and allows us to get to problem areas sooner," Myracle said.

The public works department does not own the equipment to perform the sanding and salting of streets but is looking into purchasing them for next winter.

"Last year, we looked into purchasing sand and salt-hoppers for the trucks we have but we wanted to take it slow and make sure we could do all the snow removal first," Myracle said.

If citizen complaints are a good measure, then this year's efforts in snow removal have been successful. City Hall has reported very few complaints this year and that's the way Myracle wants to keep it.

"I think we have done a pretty good job so far. We'll probably get more snow this year, but I think we've already been through the worst of it. If we do get more then we'll deal with it," Myracle said.

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