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Development could move city west

July 11, 2001

With the approval of a new subdivision comes the possibility of the center of the city moving from 155th Street to 158th Street.

The Basehor City Council recently approved a final plat and construction plans for Prairie Gardens, a 450-500 home residential development. The development will also have commercial property available.

Conceptual drawings of the development feature lots designated for a new Basehor City Hall and Basehor Community Library. There has already been land donated by Prairie Garden developers Ray and John Breuer for a Basehor Historical Society museum.

There has also been land reserved for the construction of a new school, according to the development plat.

According to city officials, in the nextfive to 10 years most of the commercial development in Basehor will be centered around Prairie Gardens and the Kansas Highway 24/40 corridor.

"In looking at how the city is going to be developed in the future, it appears the center of the city would move to 158th Street, State Avenue and Parallel," City Codes Administrator Mike Hooper said.

Part of the reason the center of the city will shift from 155th Street to 158th Street is due to the lack of land available along 155th Street, Hooper said.

"There just isn't a lot of land that's not in use along 155th," Hooper said. "There is some, but for the most part it is mostly residential. Right now, 155th Street is the center of the city, but it is limited as to what can be put in. There is just more available land at 158th Street."

Prairie Gardens will encompass approximately 400 acres and will feature mostly single-family homes, although there will be some multi-family dwellings as well.

Prices for the single-family homes range anywhere from $125,000 and up. Hooper said when completed, Prairie Gardens will be an upscale development.

"It will be a nicer development and there is plenty of open ground," Hooper said.

Also slated for construction is a village green area in the center of the development that will give a certain aesthetic quality to the development, Hooper said.

The first phase of the development is currently under construction and will take four to five months to complete, developer John Breuer said.

Phase one will entail the construction of 42 town homes, which will provide 84 units open for occupancy.

Breuer said the first phase is more of a traditional development and will give current Basehor residents and future ones another option in choosing a new home.

"It will give an opportunity for people who grew up in the community to stay in the community if they want to downsize or if they want a new home," Breuer said. "This should help to make sure that if people want to stay, they won't have to go to Johnson County, they can stay right here."

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