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Man tries to bring gun into Justice Center

June 21, 2001

Since the opening of the Justice Center in Leavenworth there has never been an instance of someone trying to smuggle a weapon passed security.

That was the case until Wednesday, June 13.

At about 8:30 a.m., a man armed with a loaded .38 caliber semi-automatic handgun attempted to pass through a metal detector located at the front entrance of the Justice Center.

Once the man passed through the metal detector security officers working at the front entrance took the firearm. Leavenworth police officers then arrested the man on charges of bringing a firearm into a government building.

He also was charged with allegedly having crack cocaine in his possession. The drugs have been sent to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation crime lab for testing.

"We asked him, 'Why didn't you take that back to your car?' 'Why did you bring that in here,'" Leavenworth County Sheriff's Office Sgt. John Kirby said. "His reasoning was that he said he had recently gotten robbed and carried the gun for protection."

The man was at the courthouse to pay a fine and did not indicate that he was there to harm anyone in the building.

Kirby said the incident was the first time anyone had ever attempted to bring a firearm into the Justice Center.

"We have estimated that anywhere from 400-600 people come into the building a day," Kirby said. "We have had people bring in knives and things like that but never a gun. One guy tried to bring in five pocketknives. What do you need with five pocketknives? We have had things that were unbelievable."

According to the Sheriff's Office the man did not attempt to escape the building once he set the alarm off and he cooperated while being placed under arrest.

Following the arrest the man was booked into the Leavenworth County Jail.

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