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Flooding causes some crop damage

June 27, 2001

Due to recent flooding, several area farmers are having to replant portions of their fields.

Kirk Cohen, an agent with the Wyandotte County Farm Bureau, estimated that 20 to 30 percent of his clients will have some replanting to compensate for the crops that were lost last week.

"What we have been seeing is that people have had excess surface water in their fields," Cohen said. "Some of their crop gets covered up and they need to replant a part of it later."

Cohen said some of his clients are having to replant the majority of their soybean fields because of spot flooding.

"Everybody that got their corn in early hasn't had to many problems, but soybean has been a little different," Cohen said. "A lot of people got their corn in by April or May and by that time it was already made."

Although there haven't been an exuberant amount of claims made by farmers because of flooding, Cohen said the real problem with replanting is getting a good enough seed.

"Last year was kind of a bad crop," Cohen said. "This year, the seed has been bad because the dealers haven't had the quality seed across the board. That makes replanting harder."

Basehor resident Steve Tuttle farms ground in both Wyandotte and Leavenworth County and said his spread was relatively unharmed by the flooding.

"But other guys got hit pretty hard," Tuttle said. "Sometimes not enough water can hurt, but to much water can be just as harmful and I think you're seeing that with some areas."

Tuttle said he has talked to farmers that work ground around Stranger Creek and he estimates that approximately 15,000 acres of crop were lost due to the flooding.

"The worst part of having water standing in the field is that sometimes it doesn't have anywhere to drain off," Tuttle said.

Tuttle said the flood water has effected not only corn and soybeans, but also that the quality of grain and hay will be down this year because of flooding.

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