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County Commission approves improvements for County Road 2

May 17, 2001

In an effort to reach long-term goals established in the county's comprehensive plan, the Leavenworth County Commissioners recently agreed to the beginning steps of a plan that would see major improvements made to County Road 2.

The commissioners unanimously agreed to a contract bid to the engineering design firm, Kirkham and Michael of Louisburg to begin designing improvements.

Awarding the contract to the firm was recommended by Leavenworth County Public Works Director Dave Mahoney and will cost more than $49,000.

Mahoney said there were other companies looked at for the job, but Kirkham and Michael was his choice all along.

"They have done work for us previously and have always done a good job," Mahoney said.

The firm will design improvements for the stretch of roadway between Evans Road and Kansas Highway 24/40. Further improvements to County Road 2 will be from Kansas Avenue to Evans Road.

All told, there will be approximately two miles of improvements made.

The first phase of the improvements will be for the design firm to start surveying the project later this summer, Mahoney said. The project should start seeing hard construction by the fall of 2003.

The improvements were outlined by a county traffic committee, which identified improving County Road 2 as its first priority.

"We also did a traffic study out there in 1999, and the study identified that improving the road would reduce traffic accidents," Mahoney said.

The improvements to County Road 2 will include increasing the shoulders of the road to six feet and adding left turn lanes to intersections. Work will also be done around the ditches to create more gentle slopes, Mahoney said.

Improvements from Kansas Avenue to Evans Road will primarily be paid for by federal funds. The entire project will cost upward of $2 million, although the county's end will only be about $500,000.

That total does not count the cost of purchasing right-of-ways from some property owners along the road, Mahoney said.

Although they are not a part of the improvement project, some improvements to County Road 2 are already underway. The Leavenworth County Street Department has been patching potholes along the road as well as doing some general maintenance.

"It was a pretty rough winter, so they're just out there patching some things up," Mahoney said. "Hopefully, that will be able to get us by until we can get to some actual hard construction."

County commissioners also approved improvements to 166th Street. Improvements will be made from Evans Road to State Avenue and it will be strictly a county-funded project. Improvements will include paving and grading.

The county commissioners agreed that improvements to this road be completed before the County Road 2 project starts. The design for the project has been completed and public works officials are currently working to acquire right-of-ways from neighboring property owners.

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