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Developer and city run into conflict over streets

Businesses re-evaluate move to city

May 24, 2001

Due to a conflict between the Basehor City Council and a local developer, several businesses are backing out of moving to the city.

According to developer David Scott, at least two businesses have said they would not move to his industrial park because buildings the businesses would be located in will not be finished soon enough. One business, a proposed gymnastics studio, is advertising a June 4 opening and according to city officials, will not meet that date.

Scott is engaged in a battle with city officials over street plans and a subdivision agreement pertaining to his development, Highview Industrial Park, located on 147th Street.

Scott addressed his problems with the development at the recent City Council meeting on Monday, May 21. Scott said several businesses have pulled out of his industrial park because of the holdup and said that the city has approved plans for his development three times already.

"I don't think it is fair since we have already submitted plans to have to start over," Scott said.

Scott was asking the City Council to approve final plans in order for his development to proceed. It was the contention of the City Council not to approve the plans until Scott met certain requirements.

According to the city, the holdup on development of the park comes from a lack of final street plans and his signature on a subdivision agreement. Scott had a deadline of May 21 to turn in his subdivision agreement and had not done so by that date because he disagreed with several things in the agreement. Scott has since been given an extension on the agreement and has until May 28 to submit the agreement.

The two sides also disagree on street plans for the development. Scott and his engineers have designed plans for a road right-of-way to be off center, but according to city officials, that plan had not been submitted for final review.

Lost in the battle between the two sides are John and Gayle Innis, the proprietors of a gymnastics studio to be housed in one of Scott's buildings.

According to an attorney representing the couple, the two have a young daughter who is an accomplished gymnast and wanted to open the business to further her career. The couple has been advertising a June 4 opening, but because of the lack of progress, that deadline most likely won't be met.

"I ask you to consider their fate and their progress when making your decision," Innis attorney Bill Dunn said when addressing the City Council. "We need to open."

The next step for the two sides is for city officials to review the street plans for the development and for Scott to turn in his subdivision agreement. After both steps are taken, then the city can begin the process of finalizing the plans, according to city officials.

At the meeting, the City Council also finalized the appointments of several positions while voting to discuss one appointment at a future date.

The council voted 4-1 in favor of discussing the city engineer position at a council retreat on June 2. Council member Joe Odle voted no to the proposal. The current city engineer is Cecil Kingsley of B and G Consultants.

Contractual appointments renewed were City Attorney John Thompson of the Davis, Beal, McGuire and Thompson Law Firm, and Municipal Court Judge William E. Pray.

Also renewed were three Planning Commission members whose one-year terms had expired in May. Planning Commission members returning are Ron Owen, Mike Laffere and Rick Hogue.

Marjorie Barlow and Judy Goens will also be returning to the Park Advisory Board for a second term.

In other actions, the City Council:

approved contractor payments for the wastewater treatment plant in the amount of $196,954.

approved change order for swing gates for southeast corner of wastewater treatment plant in the amount of $1,976.

approved change order to improve a section of 158th Street and Willow Drive.

approved Falcon Lakes final plat and street construction plans.

approved technical specifications for public and private improvements.

approved subdivision improvements agreement and letter of understanding for Highview Industrial Park.

approved seeking professional engineering design for sewer interceptor line for Kansas Highway 24-40.

The next City Council meeting will be on Monday, May 18, at Basehor City Hall.

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