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Water District replaces old water lines to correct water flow problems in city

November 7, 2001

To correct fire prevention problems and ensure future development, Consolidated Water District No.1 is replacing an old water line with a new, bigger line.

The project, which began two weeks ago, entails changing the original four-inch water line along 155th Street to a 12-inch line. The four-inch line was originally placed in 1961.

The current project includes replacing approximately two-and-a-half miles of water line from Kansas Highway 24/40 and 155th Street to Leavenworth Road and 155th Street.

Also on tap for the project is the tying in an eight-inch water line at Wellington Place, just north of Leavenworth Road.

The total cost of the project is $674, 529 and is expected to be completed, weather permitting, within 180 days.

The four-inch line was deemed a problem earlier in 2001 when the Insurance Service Organization did an inspection of the area. The ISO report found the original line was over capacity, therefore no future water rights could be issued on that line.

With the line over capacity, there could be no future development along 155th Street, said Lois Fulkerson, Consolidated Water District No. 1 manager.

"We want to encourage development and the way the line was it would not allow any further hook-ups," Fulkerson said.

The new line is expected to be a vast improvement over the previous line.

"It is going to increase pressure because that line is over capacity and stressed," Fulkerson said.

Another sticking point to the ISO report was that the original line could not adequately service a potential fire at Basehor-Linwood High School.

"It just would not have been able to service a building of that size," Fulkerson said.

Since the flow capacity of the old line did not meet ISO requirements, property taxes along 155th Street would probably have been raised.

With the new line, however, the possibility of a tax increase becomes less likely, Fulkerson said.

During the line replacement, residents are advised to have several gallons of water on-hand in case of a water line break.

"It is always a good idea to have water on-hand anyway in case of a broken line," Fulkerson said. "We get to them as soon as possible but it's a good idea to have some anyway."

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