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Goens out as fire chief

November 14, 2001

As of last week, Alan Goens is no longer the fire chief of the Fairmount Township Fire Department.

Whether Goens was fired or resigned is open to conjecture.

The three-member Fairmount Township board declined to comment. Goens said he was told the board wanted to replace him with a younger fire chief.

"They said they wanted a younger chief," he said. "That's what I was told."

Goens had served on the Fire Department for more than 20 years, approximately half as fire chief.

Jeff Theno has replaced Goens as interim fire chief until a permanent replacement is found.

Fire Department officials said the new chief will come from inside the department and that Theno could be named as the permanent replacement.

Goens said he has no plans of pursuing an age discrimination lawsuit against the department.

"I think they realize what they did," Goens said. "I am just going to go my own way and take care of myself."

Goens said he was told there was a petition lodged against him with several signatures on it.

"My problem is that I would like to know what I did wrong. Nobody ever told me and I still don't know," he said.

Goens said he decided to talk about the alleged decision because he thought people should know the truth.

"I feel like, and maybe this is sour grapes, but I feel like people should know the truth about what happened," he said.

It appears Goens will be exiting the volunteer circuit altogether. Goens, the current chairman of the board for Consolidated Rural Water District No. 1, will resign from the position in February.

"I just don't like the results of it," Goens said. "I am not going to volunteer for anything anymore. I have plenty of things to do here at home."

Goens has served as chairman since 1997 and before that, he was the vice chairman. He had been apart of the board since 1988.

Consolidated Rural Water District No. 1 manager Lois Fulkerson said Goens would be missed and the company valued his leadership.

"He is probably one of the most valuable board members you could ever have," Fulkerson said. "He is extremely helpful and whenever you need something he is there."

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