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Leavenworth County offers flu shots Nov. 28

November 14, 2001

With anthrax scares popping up every day across the country, health officials are advising everyone to get a flu shot.

Yes, a flu shot.

Since anthrax bears similar symptoms to the flu and pneumonia, health officials say getting the vaccine will possibly keep some people from thinking they've been infected by anthrax if they become sick.

"It might help ward off some of these anthrax scares," said Frankie Jackson, Leavenworth County Health Department director.

On Thursday, Nov. 28, physicians from the Leavenworth County Health Department will be at Basehor City Hall to administer flu and pneumonia vaccinations to the public from 2 to 4 p.m.

A flu shot will cost $15 and a pneumonia shot will cost $20.

Basehor city officials are urging everyone to take advantage of the Thursday clinic.

"It is a wonderful benefit to the community and we appreciate Leavenworth County using Basehor as a site," said Mary Ann Mogle, Basehor city clerk.

In previous years, those targeted as the most important groups to get a vaccination were senior citizens, children or people that were asthmatic or had upper respiratory problems.

Although there has been speculation that flu shot vaccinations are in short supply this year, Jackson said there are plenty of available doses.

"There are no problems with the amount of vaccinations," Jackson said. "We have our full 3,500 doses total."

The problem with this year's vaccinations isn't a shortage in doses, Jackson said, it is the timing of the shots as opposed to previous years.

"People are just used to getting it earlier because we used to give it earlier," Jackson said. "It is recommended in October, November and the first weeks of December. Those are the optimum times to get it."

The timing of the vaccinations coincides with the winter months, when flu symptoms are most likely to occur, Jackson said.

Both the flu and pneumonia vaccinations have an expectancy of one year, although Jackson said the shots are most potent in the first six months after vaccination.

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