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Students decorate wall in remembrance of veterans

November 14, 2001

Dozens of pictures, ranging from the grainy black and white of years past to modern, bright and elliptical color, depicting those who served in time of war and peace, currently litter a wall at the Basehor Elementary School.

Students have posted the pictures on what has been named a Wall of Remembrance, a project in honor of Veterans' Day.

The red, white and blue colors of the American flag border the pictures to capture the spirit of the school's patriotism.

The idea for the wall was brought to the school by BES learning disabilities teacher Cindy Pedroza.

Pedroza, who has had several members of her own family serve in the military, said the wall was a small thing to do to honor those that risk their lives defending freedom.

"It was something I felt I needed to do," Pedroza said. "I have always been in awe of people who served.

"I had the easy part by helping put up pictures. They have the hard part by serving their country."

For two BES students, posting the pictures of family members on the wall has been a proud experience.

"Because my dad and my grandpa were in the war and they served their country," BES sixth-grader Sam Mustain said.

BES sixth-grader Logan Kirk said he was also proud of his two grandfathers that served in the military.

"Yeah, because they served our country in the war for peace," he said.

The memorial, which will stay on the wall through November, has been a reminder to students of the sacrifices taken by those to ensure freedom, Pedroza said.

Pedroza said students have taken an interest in the wall since it was placed.

"They have liked it," she said. "I see kids stopping all the time and look at it. Even the kids that don't take time to read it at least taken an interest in it."

For Pedroza, Veterans Day is something that goes unappreciated all too often.

"Too many times Veterans Day goes unnoticed and I hope this is something we can all build on," she said.

Honoring those military service men and women is not just isolated to BES. Other schools in the district have also participated in Veterans Day.

A similar program to the Wall of Remembrance is being planned at Linwood Elementary School, where students hope to learn and share information about family or friends that served their country.

LES Principal Vicki McEnroe said Veterans Day is an important day for students to recognize.

"Veterans Day is always something to keep in mind, but more so to remember those who bravely served their country," McEnroe said.

Students and administrators at Glenwood Ridge Elementary School have also shown their patriotism by participating in a ceremony at the flagpole, in which they recited the pledge of allegiance.

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