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Wiz kid a hit among students

November 21, 2001

Just like youth around the world, local students in Basehor and Bonner Springs were eager and then very pleased with the new Harry Potter movie.

The movie, based on the highly-popular book series written by J.K. Rowling, opened on Friday, Nov. 16, and was a hit among local students.

Lines were long and anticipation was high, but that didn't stop many students and their families from attending the opening weekend at the box office.

Before seeing the movie, Basehor Elementary School third-grader Caleb Johnson said he thought the movie would be much like the book.

"I think it is going to be good because it is supposed to be about the first book and the first book is my favorite," Johnson said. "I especially want to see the dragon because he breathes fire."

Other students from Basehor Elementary School agreed with Johnson's assessment of the movie's previews.

"I think it might be better than the book but I don't know," fifth-grader Amanda Tomasevic said. "What I have seen on the previews, it looks really good."

And while she enjoyed the movie, Tomasevic said it wasn't as good as the first book.

"I thought it was good and I liked it, but thought the book was better," she said. "One thing I did like was that in my imagination, it was different and I liked the people in the movie more than my imagination."

Another Basehor student, second-grader Isaac Kalebaugh said he thought he missed a few scenes of the movie but overall enjoyed the film."I thought that Harry Potter was going to face this one kid at school but I never saw it happen," Kalebaugh said. "Maybe it was when I was in the bathroom."

While some eager students had to wait until Sunday to catch a glimpse of the world of sorcery and special effects, several students at Bonner Springs Elementary were able to see the movie on opening night.

Based on a scale of one to 10, all of the students in the Bonner Springs area that were interviewed for this story, rated the movie a 10.

"I'd recommend for people to go see it because it was a good movie," said Garrett Parker, a fifth-grader at Bonner Springs Elementary School.

Parker's classmate, Brennan Savage, agreed with his assessment of the movie.

"It was just like the life of a wizard," Savage said. "It's just different how they live their life than other people do."

A refreshing fact for parents throughout this Harry Potter hysteria is that many students still claim allegiance to the book series rather than the movie.

"The book was a good book and I was, like, really into it," Wilson said.

The book series is currently up to four with a fifth on its way shortly. The book series is expected by many to publish at least seven books.

It has also been reported that there will be further installments of the movie in the future.

One thing remains clear, the Harry Potter craze is here to stay with the biggest magic trick possibly being the one making the loyal readers appreciate the movie as much as the books.

"Yeah, as long as my parents take me, I'm going to go to the sequels," Johnson said. "They probably won't be as good as the books but I'll still go."

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