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Commission approves housing developments

October 3, 2001

House shopping in the city of Basehor keeps getting easier.

During its meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 2, the Basehor Planning Commission unanimously approved phases of three separate developments that will account for 79 new homes in the city.

Basehor City Codes Administrator Mike Hooper said there have been no problems with any of the developments and recommended the approval to the Planning Commission.

"It means more rooftops, more homes and more growth," Hooper said.

It also means more hook-ups to the Basehor Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Hooper said all of the developments would hook into the plant, bringing more revenue into the city's sewer fund.

Developments that gained approval during the Planning Commission meeting were phase one of Regency Woods, a 37-home development on 158th Street, phase one of Prairie Lakes, a 24-home development on 150th Street and phase three of Iron Creek.

Iron Creek is an existing development that recently finished its second phase. Phase three of the development will entail the addition of 18 new homes.

Regency Woods and Prairie Lakes have yet to begin construction and are currently working on street and drainage plans, Hooper said.

The addition of the homes will also add to the city's growing total of building permits issued. Currently, Basehor has the highest percentage increase in the number of permits issued since last year in Leavenworth County.

Also discussed by the Planning Commission were changes to the city's zoning ordinance. The changes to the ordinance has become necessary because many of the codes had become outdated.

The commission agreed with many of the changes that were recommended by city officials.

One topic that was debated by the commission was the minimum size lot allowed within the city. Outlined in the information given to the commission was an ordinance that would allow housing lots of 8,400 square feet.

The commission approved all the changes, except for the 8,400 foot lot size.

Planning Commission Chair Ron Owen said the minimum lot size was rejected to avoid suburban sprawl. Presently, the city's minimum lot size is 10,000 square feet or 70 feet wide.

"They can still do it as a variance, but I would like to know that the city has some control over it," Owen said.

The commission did, however, leave the door open to grant the 8,400 feet lots as a variance to small portions of large developments.

The smaller lot sizes are commonly used in densely populated areas in Wyandotte and Johnson counties and the commissioners said they were hoping to avoid areas like that in Basehor.

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