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Basehor gets a City Hall connection

October 10, 2001

The city of Basehor's Web site is now up and available for anyone interested in learning more about their local government.

The city's Web site, named, is designed to give residents more information about the city and to keep up with local events. It also helps residents looking for information about building codes, city meetings and other city business.

Basehor City Clerk Mary Ann Mogle said the Web site is beneficial to residents as well as city employees.

"The Web site helps Basehor residents keep up with current events in the city government," Mogle said. "We are also posting agendas for the (Basehor) Planning Commission, City Council and city codes."

Mogle cited an example of the Web site's usefulness when she explained to a resident who called City Hall asking for a copy of the city building codes. A copy of the codebook would have cost the resident $30, but the resident was able to get the codes off the Web site for free.

"Copies cost 50 cents apiece versus getting them off the Web site for free," she said.

City officials said future additions to the Web site will keep residents informed of various city activities and programs.

A local couple, Tom and Charlene Laflin, designed the city's Web site through their Web design company, Basehor On-Line.Com.

Tom Laflin approached the city several months ago about the idea of the Web site and the council was interested, he said.

"We just felt like it was time for the city to have a presence," Tom said. "With all of the development coming this way, we felt like it was a good idea so residents could have an idea of what was going on."

Designing Web sites for a local entity is nothing new for the Laflins. Although the company is not their main source of income, they have designed Web sites for the Basehor Community Library and the Basehor Chamber of Commerce.

Links to those Web sites can be found on the city's Web site.

Chamber of Commerce President Susan Guy said the Web site has been a valuable tool for potential area residents that are contemplating moving to the city.

"And I think over time we are just going to keep adding to improve our Web site," she said.

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