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Opinion: A show of support

October 10, 2001

An outpouring of support came from across the country following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C. Our communities were not immune to the effects this tragedy had on our nation, which led to an outpouring from residents who not only gave blood to the Red Cross, but gave their prayers, their tears, their money, their clothing and other necessities in helping the victims' families and rescue workers.

Although this tragic event moved many people who may not have given otherwise, acts of good will are commonplace in our communities. Whenever there is someone in need, our communities have stepped forward with support. When the sick have needed blood or financial support, residents have come through. When a family has lost a home or belongings in a fire, neighbors and strangers have come to the rescue. And when our neighbors on the East Coast needed help, our communities did not hesitate to give them support as well.

Children have had fund-raisers, giving what little money they had saved. Police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel had several fund-raisers for the families of their fellow brothers and sisters who lost their lives trying to save others. Support not only came financially, but emotionally as well through letters to the victims' families and through prayers.

Some may say this is a natural reaction to such a tragic event. However, this is a common reaction from our communities no matter what the tragedy or need may be. It is a reaction that says we will not give up, we will not be defeated, and we will not let each other down. It is an attitude we should be proud of here, in our small slice of America.

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