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Basehor-Linwood High School’s No. 1 fan

October 31, 2001

When Heath Williamson walks into the gym, he leaves no doubt as to why he is there. He's not suited up in a basketball uniform. He doesn't wear knee pads to play volleyball and he's not wearing any shoulder pads making him a dead giveaway for a football player.

No, Williamson is not suited up in any kind of athletic gear, but he is suited up in his own way. And the two words on the front of his "uniform" tell the story. Williamson is Basehor-Linwood's No. 1 fan, and the large, bright yellow letters on the front of his forest green T-shirt claim exactly that "#1 fan."

"I went to all of the volleyball games except for two this year," Williamson said. "They always saw I was there, cheering them on and then one day they just started calling me their No. 1 fan."

Christina McCarty, a senior on this year's volleyball team, said having Williamson in the stands was nice because every time he was cheering the Bobcats on it got the girls on the court motivated.

"It's pretty cool that he comes to our games and supports us like that," McCarty said.

Recently, the support that Williamson usually dishes out, was turned to him. At a pep rally just prior to the Bobcats sub-state games, McCarty was talking on the microphone to the student body and as a parting message she thanked Williamson for being the team's top supporter.Williamson answered the compliment by standing up and throwing his arms in the air.

While Williamson was just recently given his new nickname, his love for sports has been with him for awhile.

Williamson said his most memorable moments as a fan came when he was little mostly in elementary and middle school but those moments occurred at home in front of the television. He said his favorite sport is baseball, but that his favorite to watch is football.

The Denver Broncos were Williamson's favorite pro football team as a child and they continue to be so today.

As for baseball, he said he likes the New York Yankees, and with basketball he likes to watch college more than pro ,and the Kansas Jayhawks are his team.

Now that he's grown up, Williamson said he likes going to high school games more and more.

He said the best part about high school athletics is the competition and the chance to support his school.

Of them all, volleyball is his favorite high school sport and that is evident by his behavior at the meets.

No matter what the score is or what the situation is, Williamson can be heard cheering on the Bobcats.

And he can be heard loud and clear. With a booming, "Go Bobcats" or an intense, "Come on 'Cats" Williamson's sincerity is never questioned. The only thing that is ever questioned, in fact, is his shirt.

"I've had a lot of people ask me what it means," Williamson said. "They come up to me and say 'of what.' To me, it seems pretty obvious because it's the school colors and stuff, but I don't mind telling them. I'm just the No. 1 fan of Basehor-Linwood High School."

And the people who he heers for appreciate that.

"I think it's awesome that he takes the time to come cheer us on," volleyball player Lindsay Cunningham said. "He could be doing anything else, but he chooses to come and root for us and that does a lot for our school pride."

Both Cunningham and Williamson are just juniors and you can bet they'll both be back in the Basehor-Linwood gym next volleyball season.

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