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County Commission approves rezoning for power plant

October 31, 2001

The Leavenworth County Commissioners lent another inviting hand to the Duke Energy Corporation when they approved rezoning for a site where a power plant could locate.

Currently, Leavenworth County is on the short list of sites under consideration for a new $200 million power plant. Duke Energy Corp. will make a decision in 2002 on whether the plant will locate to the county.

The plant would be a 640-megawatt, electricity generating facility, Duke Energy representatives said.

At the county commission meeting on Thursday, Oct. 25, the commission unanimously approved rezoning 42 acres of land in the High Prairie Township, where the plant could be built.

The approval was just another way for the county commissioners to extend the invitation to the corporation, County Commissioner Joe Daniels said.

"There has been virtually no opposition to it," Daniels said. "The spot is right and they are moving things along."

Although things are moving along well, Daniels said there is no guarantee the plant will locate to the county.

"They still have not said for a fact that they are coming," he said. "That decision won't be made until 2002."

The commissioners followed the lead of the Leavenworth Planning Commission when they approved the rezoning. The Planning Commission also approved the rezoning earlier this month.

Chandler Morris, Duke Energy project development manager, said the rezoning was a step in the right direction for the corporation and the county.

"It brings us one step closer," Morris said.

The site the corporation is evaluating entails approximately 160 acres although the actual facility will only take up 47 acres. The remaining space will be used as green space, Duke Energy representatives said.

County officials said the addition of the plant would prove to be an economic boost to the county in both taxes and jobs and would have little effect on the surrounding communities.

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