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Mayor stops burglary at resident’s home

October 31, 2001

As the mayor of Basehor, Bill Hooker has many responsibilities. And now it seems that crime fighter has become one of them.

On Thursday, Oct. 25, Hooker spotted a burglary in progress and began an enduring chase with a suspect that eventually led to the man being arrested by an officer from the Basehor Police Department.

While the chase was a nervous ordeal for the mayor, Hooker said he felt the chase was his duty as a citizen.

"I just didn't want him to get away," he said. "If we would have more community involvement like that we could thwart more crime."

Although the day started like any other day for the mayor, the subsequent events were not.

On the day of the burglary, Hooker was coming from his church when he heard an alarm going off at a residence located on 155th Street. Sensing that something was wrong, Hooker pulled into the driveway of the home of Basehor resident Mary Skaggs, behind the suspect's car.

At that point, the suspect, already seated in the vehicle, pulled out of the residence by driving through the front yard. The action caught Hooker by surprise and the chase to apprehend the man began.

"He didn't even slow up, he went right through (the yard)," Hooker said.

With Hooker in close pursuit the man ran a red light at 155th Street and State Avenue and headed east. Hooker also ran the red light but slowed as he went through the intersection, he said.

After the suspect pulled over on the side of State Avenue, Hooker copied the man's license plate number on a copy of the Basehor Sentinel and then phoned into the police officer on-duty.

The suspect then pulled onto the highway and again a chase ensued. About a mile farther down the road, the suspect again pulled over, this time apparently because of car trouble.

After the suspect corrected his motor difficulties, he did a U-turn on State Avenue and headed west. Hooker again continued to follow, this time with backup.

Basehor police officer Jason Slaughter picked up on the suspect at 150th Street and State Avenue and a chase that reached speeds of 110 miles per hour ensued.

During the chase, Slaughter called the Tonganoxie Police Department for assistance. The call ensured the suspect of being boxed in on the highway, police officials said.

Near 190th Street and State Avenue, the suspect's vehicle, a 1986 Chevy Caprice that had previously been reported stolen, collided with the unmarked Tonganoxie police vehicle.

The suspect then fled the scene, running onto the property of a nearby residence.

Closely following the suspect, Slaughter apprehended the man after he had lacerated both his hands climbing over a barb wire fence.

"It was a foot chase and he was taken into custody at gun point," Slaughter said. "He was very uncooperative at this time."

Although police found no evidence of a weapon on the suspect, Slaughter found a screwdriver at the scene of the arrest that is believed to be owned by the suspect.

After the arrest, police recovered numerous items taken from the Skaggs residence including electronic appliances, approximately $300 in loose change and antique jewelry.

The identity of the man, to this point, is unknown. While in custody, the man gave police false identification. An investigation into the suspect's true identity is underway by the Basehor Police Department.

The suspect is currently in custody at the Leavenworth County Jail awaiting charges

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