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Letter: School’s condition unacceptable

September 21, 2001

To the Editor

I am very offended by recent developments in the new construction in our school district. Patrons of this district who voted in a bond issue and have been taxed accordingly are now being asked to endure real privations and more than inconveniences through sending students to schools that resemble Bosnia. These students are sitting in class rooms soaked by water leaks, attendant mold growth and the hazards to health this affords, and eating poor food at tables placed to avoid dripping ceiling tiles.

Parents who care enough to go and see the results of our recent "progress" and voice concerns about it are treated with disdain, condescension and out right rudeness in board meetings. What has happened to our "democratic" process? Where would it be deemed proper to air concerns of this nature. Certainly, calling board members on an individual basis has proved counter productive. One would hope that such meetings could be held without infantile tactics to belittle and intimidate patrons who care what happens to students.

What possible purpose could it serve to point out to patrons that Van Maren should be addressed "Doctor Van Maren to you." Defensive attitudes on the part of elective members suggest there must be something to defend, i.e. guilt. It certainly speaks poorly of our manners and motives when reasonable assertions and questions meet with childish tantrums on the part of administrators, distasteful condescension on the part of board members and total disinterest by others. Board members should be reminded that they agreed to assume this job and there was no guarantee it would always be pleasant. Professionalism counts.

In these times when we are called to a new alliegance to our country's basic freedoms, one would hope this most provincial of traditions; the monthly school district's board meeting, could be held with a democratic, reasonable attitude indicating we are a just, caring society.

Betty Pino

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