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Letter:Please help those devastated by New York attacks

September 26, 2001

New York attacks

To the Editor:

My name is Stacy. I am an Edwardsville resident. My heart was terribly afflicted by the attacks on the World Trade Center towers. Being so far away, grievously disheartened, I needed to do something to help. Leslie, my friend, and I decided to host a drive for items in need. I began making calls to organizations for disaster relief, getting a long list of items they needed.

One night, while watching the news, I heard there were an estimated 420 orphans. I wondered who was taking care of the children. I called people to find out how we could get items such as teddy bears to these 420 kids. Discouraged at my response from national organizations, I called directly to Manhattan. After three days, I finally got a person on the phone.

His name is Greg Carr and he works at the Chamber of Commerce. I told him what our goal was and he gave us the answerhis people would hand deliver the toys to each child. As we talked, Mr. Carr said he's been through the Kansas City area several times. We are no longer strangers. We talked of how wonderful our great country is. He told me that even though we were in the midst of a great tragedy we were the luckiest people on earth to live in such a wonderful country.

I asked Greg what items would make their lives a little easier. "Socks," he said. "I know that sounds crazy and trivial, but the rescue workers need socks." I told him we would get them socks. We talked more of how life in New York was and how people were banning together and how hearts were broken. As we talked, he began to cry. "Every little thing you do helps us and uplifts our spirits," he said. "Thank you for your prayers and support."

Now, having had contact with someone who is living this tragedy, I realized that we have to do something, anything. It is now a disaster, in my back yard, in your back yard and I am no longer detached from this. I am begging for your help. They need simple things such as socks, work gloves, batteries, flashlights, shampoo, bar soap, toothpaste, band-aids, gauze, ace wraps; things we take for granted. Things we get upset about if they are not easily accessible, like matching socks.

I am asking everyone who is reading this to help in making these lives easier. It could have been you.

Please bring all money and items to Sun River Apartments, 402 Riverfalls Road, Edwardsville. Also, please remember the children the next time you go to the store. More than 420 children have lost their mommies and daddies. We need to ban together and make their little lives a little happier.

Thank you,

Stacey Sheets


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