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Excise tax could be implemented in June

April 10, 2002

The Basehor City Council is expected to finalize a charter ordinance April 15 for the transportation excise tax voters approved earlier this month.

The transportation excise tax is a nine cents per square foot fee applied to new developments.

The funds from the excise tax will be used for future road improvements, city officials said.

Voters approved the levy during a special election April 2.

City officials said there could be several changes made to the excise tax at the April meeting.

As it is written now, the excise tax applies to new development and to residents who remodel more than 51 percent of their property's assessed valuation.

A cap of $10,000 was placed on the remodeling fee.

However, feedback received during two public meetings regarding the excise tax has city officials debating the remodeling portion of the levy.

Basehor City Codes Administrator Mike Hooper said the cap on the remodeling portion could be changed to $900, and the 51 percent could be raised to 75 percent.

"Or it could be taken out completely," Hooper said. "That's the thing the City Council will discuss."

In his tenure with the city, only two property owners have remodeled more than 75 percent of their property's assessed valuation, Hooper said.

Therefore, the remodeling portion, if approved, isn't expected to affect many property owners, he said.

City officials said the excise tax is expected to become effective June 1.

Also going before council members April 15 is a rezoning request from the Basehor United Methodist Church.

The Basehor Planning Commission denied the church's rezoning request and the decision is expected to be upheld by the City Council, city officials said.

Church member asked to rezone the church's lot, 2826 N. 155th St., from single-family residential to multi-family residential to make the property more marketable to sell, city officials said.

"The church is wanting to sell and they feel it would be more marketable if it was rezoned multi-family," Hooper said.

Several nearby residents oppose the rezoning because they didn't want a multi-family development in their neighborhood.

"I'm strongly opposed to it," Steve Abercrombie said.

"It's a small neighborhood and I don't want it next to my house."

Laura McKannon, who lives across the street from the church, said she was also opposed to the rezoning.

"I would not like to see anything other than a single family in there," McKannon said.

The City Council could overturn the Planning Commission's decision and approve the rezoning application, but it's unlikely, city officials said.

Other items on the April 15 Basehor City Council agenda include:

  • approve or deny contractor payments for Falcon Lakes Project.
  • approve or deny street lights for Iron Creek subdivision phase three.
  • approve or deny ordinance amending the state revolving loan agreement.
  • approve or deny 300 feet asphalt overlay for 147th Street.

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