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Late payments haven’t had much effect

April 10, 2002

For the past three months, the Basehor-Linwood School District has received half of its monthly payment from the Kansas Department of Education.

The amount paid to the school district per month changes, but in April, school officials received a payment of $265,000, with another check scheduled to be paid seven to 10 days later.

So far, the late payments haven't caused a problem for the school district, said Pam Chenoweth, Basehor-Linwood School District senior bookkeeper.

"It's not a problem for us. We've had enough sitting in the bank that it's not causing a problem," Chenoweth said.

Typically, the state payments are made either at the end or beginning of each month, she said.

Luckily, payroll checks don't go out until the 22nd of each month, so there hasn't been a problem in paying salaries, said Cal Cormack, Basehor-Linwood School District superintendent.

"At this point, we're fine and we'll make it through the year," Cormack said.

"We have enough cash flow to cover our bills," he said.

The late payments, however, represent a bigger problem that school districts across the state are facing.

"It's an important fact that the state hasn't dealt with their problems," Cormack said.

The Kansas Legislature faces funding problems for education and other programs due to a budget deficit of approximately $700 million.

During the legislative hearings in Topeka, lawmakers have raised several different scenarios in dealing with the educational budgets, including reducing the amount of funding per pupil.

Basehor-Linwood school officials would be looking at ways to reduce their budget if educational funding is trimmed by the Legislature, Cormack said

One option is to not fill the positions left vacant by retiring personnel, he said.

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