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Suburban Water discusses deal with Tonganoxie

August 7, 2002

Tonganoxie residents are still not allowed to wash their cars or water their lawns.

However, if negotiations between the city and a Basehor-based water company result in an agreement, the city might not have water problems in the future.

Ray Breuer, owner of Suburban Water Company in Basehor, said his company is meeting with the city of Tonganoxie.

"We're in negotiations with them to possibly serve them water," Breuer said. "We're the closest ones."

Tonganoxie city administrator Shane Krull said the meetings were informational at this point.

"Basically we met this week with their engineers and our engineers to get an update on their system," Krull said.

Krull said the city is considering several water service options including building its own treatment plant near Linwood.

The restrictions in Tonganoxie were implemented July 22, after the water levels in the city's wells dropped to 7.5 feet.

Since the restrictions, resident consumption has dropped and the well levels have risen, city officials said.

Krull said the restrictions would remain intact awhile.

"The wells have risen, but we still have the water ban in place," he said. "It'll probably persist through the remainder of this month at least."

Water districts No. 6 and No. 9 currently supply water to the city.

The districts are supplied through a Bonner Springs wholesaler.

Suburban is supplied from two well fields on Evans Road and Kansas Highway 24/40 and has a backup Board of Public Utilities connection that can handle 1,500-plus gallons a minute.

"We have two good sources and a good secondary source," Breuer said.

"We would be a good source of alternative water for 'Tongie," he added.

The negotiations began this week. Breuer said there has been no decision made and talks would probably continue.

"It was just a get acquainted, informational meeting," he said.

However, a deal with Suburban would seem logical.

Breuer said the company would only need to run three miles of line to reach the city.

"It wouldn't take much," he said. "This could be in by next year."

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