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Police remind community of stranger danger rules

August 21, 2002

With Basehor-Linwood schools back in session and cases of missing children occurring daily, the Basehor Police Department is asking residents for help in keeping local children safe.

"This community does look out for their kids and other people's kids," Basehor Police Chief Vince Weston said. "If folks believe a community is vigilante, they won't come in and try to take our kids."

Weston encouraged parents to remind their children of the stranger danger rules while going to and from school.

"Stranger danger is more of an issue now with schools back in," he said.

Some basic tips to teach children about stranger danger are:

Their full name, address and phone number, including area code.

The parents' full name, place of employment and phone number.

A secret password known only to the child and parent.

Never go with anyone who does not give the password.

A police officer is a friend.

Scream "help" if in trouble.

How to make a long-distance phone call, get the operator and dial 9-1-1.

The stranger danger rules teach children how identify a stranger and to never accept anything from a stranger.

The rules also teach children to report to a police officer, parent, teacher or any familiar adult if a stranger:

Tries to join in a child's play.

Asks a child to go with him or her.

Asks a child to help them find a lost animal or if a child wants to see their pet.

Tries to have a conversation or touch a child while they are alone.

Offers a ride, candy, gum or money to a child.The rules also teach children to get a full description and to take down a license plate number of a stranger once the child has moved to a safe area.

"Move to the safest area and find an adult," Weston said.

Weston also encouraged parents or motorists not to hesitate when seeing suspicious activity involving a child.

"There's nothing wrong with stopping and asking if there's a problem or notifying the authorities," he said.

Weston also warned motorists to proceed with caution before and after school hours because of students walking or riding bikes to and from school.

"People just need to know that school is back in and to be careful during those hours," Weston said. "Because of the community's growth in the immediate area, we have more kids walking or riding bikes to school."

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