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Obit: Voters should decide on tax increases

December 11, 2002

To the Editor:

As we are beaten over the head again with yet another school-bond issue, I keep wondering what was gained from the last one. Are our children receiving a better education or are they just warehoused in new expensive schools? Maybe that glittery sign in front of the high school will help them with their SATs.

Are the boys who would like to take wood shop or metal shop or auto shop benefiting from that extra hour of gym since there are no teachers for those useful subjects? Participation in professional sports is big money so maybe that's the plan. If a student has the drive and ambition to take trigonometry, they are handed a videotape because there is no teacher to help them with that either. There ought to be a better way to graduate from high school than taking study hall and gym all day. What are our students prepared for in life if they get only the barest minimum of scholastic exposure and virtually no electives?

Who benefits from these school bonds? The contractors do quite well and the consultants get a fat commission for their public relations efforts while our schools limp along, manned by a skeleton crew of teachers, our children squirted out the other end possessing only a marginal education.

As a widow on a fixed income, I can't afford for my taxes to go up $300 or more each year. If it keeps on like this, I will end up a Bag Lady pushing a grocery cart full of aluminum cans past these shiny new schools as I won't be able to afford to live in my home any more. Please vote "No" on the school bond issue, no matter how many times they plan a special election in bad weather.

Julie Murphy


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