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Meetings to provide forum on bond issue

December 25, 2002

School district officials and campaign volunteers want to make one last push between now and election day for a proposed bond issue in the Basehor-Linwood School District.

"The final push will be when everyone comes back from the holidays," said Cal Cormack, Basehor-Linwood School District superintendent.

On Jan. 21, voters will decide whether to approve the $29.9 million bond issue, which would finance construction of a new Basehor-Linwood Middle School, and renovation to Basehor, Linwood and Glenwood Ridge elementary schools.

But before heading to the polls, campaign volunteers and school district officials want to make sure the public has the correct information concerning the bond issue.

Two informational town hall meetings have been scheduled before the vote -- the first will be at 7 p.m.Monday, Jan. 6, at Basehor-Linwood High School and the second is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 9, at Basehor-Linwood Middle School.

A presentation and a discussion will take place during the meetings.

"The purpose of the meeting is to present information which will allow voters to make an informed decision on Jan. 21," said Roxann Storms, a member of the campaign speakers bureau.

The need for the town hall meetings stems partially from rumors that have surfaced concerning the bond issue, school officials and campaign volunteers said.

One of those rumors is that an approved bond issue would shut down the elementary school in Linwood.

Not true, Cormack said.

"The bond issue is committing another $3.5 million into Linwood," he said. "The board of education has said we want elementary buildings located within the areas they serve.

"We will always need an elementary building in that end of the district. We have no interest of ever closing that school."

Another rumor is that the bond issue does not directly address problems at the elementary school level.

Again, not true, school officials said.

"The truth is we are addressing the elementary issue at all three sites," Cormack said, citing that the bond issue would add four additional classrooms at BES, eight at GRE and free up what is presently the middle school building for LES.

In addition, an approved bond issue would allow new grade configurations -- sixth, seventh and eighth grades -- at the new middle school, which would be build along County Road 2.

And a final source of speculation for some residents has been the January date chosen for the election, which some argue might keep older residents from voting.

"We're not sophisticated enough to know whether that would be to our advantage or not," Cormack said.

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