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Business looks to rebuild Cabinet Shop

February 13, 2002

Basehor City Council members on Monday will be asked to consider a proposal that would save what remains of a business that burned last May.

Donald Dyster, who owns the building that housed the Cabinet Shop of Basehor until fire destroyed the business in May, is hopeful he can sell the property. But he and the city agreed earlier that the building would be demolished. Under that agreement, Dyster would pay $20,000 of the $45,000 price tag, with the city picking up the remainder. The city would be reimbursed, once the empty lot was sold.

Now, Dyster has a buyer who wants the property as it is.

"The city doesn't have to come up with $25,000 for the business demolition costs," he said. "They could save that. And this would add two businesses to the Basehor area."

Dan Foy, an area builder, is interested in renovating the building. His plans call for a construction warehouse, which would house his business, Construction Services.

"In the downstairs, I want to develop as much as possible and use it as a retail space and put a nice storefront on it," he said. "I'll be bringing two businesses to the town of Basehor mine and whoever I rent the other one to."

Foy would need a variance from parking requirements, which would require city approval.

Mayor Bill Hooker said he believes the idea has some merit and should be discussed.

"If there is someone who can save the building and get some business use out of that, I would like to see that," he said. "But we need to see it quickly. We've let this drag on too long."

Hooker said he wasn't sure how the council would react to a request for a variance.

"He virtually has no parking," Hooker said. "He has a couple that he could get on the street. We should have a plan that shows how he's going to redo the dock area, where it can be an entrance or an exit, but that would increase the use of the alleyway back there, and that's going to take some discussion."

Foy said his purchase of the property hinges on obtaining the variance.

"If they don't approve that, it's pretty well worthless," Foy said.

Foy said he's interested in the property because he plans to build a home on land he owns on Leavenworth Road.

"I'm going to live right up the street, and it would be ideal," he said. "Plus, I know quite a few people in Basehor."

He said that he believes he can restore the building and that the walls are structurally sound.

"I want to do a neat, old-time look on the storefront," he said.

Dyster said he would pay the city for any costs it has incurred concerning the building, if he's allowed to sell it to Foy.

"Whatever money the city is directly out, it seems fair to reimburse it," he said.

After the May 25 fire, the cabinet shop moved its operations to Highview Industrial Park, 147th and Parallel.

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