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Renovation to Leavenworth County courthouse steps to begin in spring

County to participate in funding County Road 2 bridge work

February 27, 2002

The Leavenworth County Courthouse is being renovated one step at a time and it's starting with the steps leading to the east entrance of the building.

The Leavenworth County Commission recently approved a bid for reconstruction of the stairs by the Leavenworth company, Thompson Concrete.

Thompson Concrete submitted the lowest bid for the job at a price tag of $7,200.

Leavenworth County Commissioner Joe Daniels, said the county was comfortable with the company doing the work.

The company has also worked for the county on other courthouse projects before, he said.

The east-side steps had become unsafe in recent years because of erosion. The steps had been closed off to people coming into the courthouse for almost a year.

Daniels said safety was a major concern in choosing to replace the steps.

"They were unsafe because they were broken up," he said. "We decided we better deal with it and go ahead and replace those."

The steps are expected to be 12 feet wide and have handrails running down the sides instead of the center, where a rail used to be, Daniels said.

The renovation of the steps is one more way the Commission can make the courthouse look more aesthetically appealing, Daniels said.

For the past several months, the Commission has worked with the architecture firm Shaughnessy, Fickel and Scott on plans to renovate the building.

Those plans are continuing, Daniels said.

Construction on the new stairs is expected to start in March or as soon as weather permits, county officials said.

In other county news, the Leavenworth County Commission is negotiating with Johnson County officials on funding for a bridge in the southern portion of the county.

The bridge is on County Road 2, near Burning Tree Golf Course. It provides residents in that area a quicker route to De Soto and Johnson County.

Daniels said Johnson County officials want to put a two-inch overlay on the bridge and are asking Leavenworth County to help because the bridge is commonly used by county residents.

"They feel a lot of Leavenworth County residents use the bridge to get to Johnson County," Daniels said. "We feel that we benefit from that and should participate."

Daniels said there hasn't been a final cost placed on Leavenworth County's portion of the overlay. Negotiations between the two sides will continue in coming weeks, he said.

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