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City projects scheduled for ‘02

January 2, 2002

The completion of a proposed sewer interceptor line will be the largest project for the city of Basehor in 2002.

The interceptor line will run south from the Basehor Wastewater Treatment Facility, under Kansas Highway 24/40 and connect with a line from developments along County Road 2.

City officials estimate the project will cost approximately $1.5 million.

The new line would enable developments along County Road 2 to hook into the wastewater treatment facility, giving the city more users.

"The interceptor line is the biggest project of a known variety," Basehor Mayor Bill Hooker said. "That's a really important project in continued growth and in helping to get additional residents to hold down the sewer rates."

Hooker said the city could also look at annexing developments along County Road 2 in the future.

"There is nothing definite, but as the line goes in we'll take a look at annexation for the future," Hooker said.

Construction on the project has yet to begin. City officials said there has been no timetable set for its completion.

While the interceptor line is aimed at increasing residential growth, sustaining existing growth might be out of the city's control, Hooker said.

In 2001, the city of Basehor had 1,500 homes go through the planning stages. Whether that growth will continue in 2002 depends on the economy, he said.

Many of those homes planned in 2001 came from the Falcon Lakes housing development.

Falcon Lakes is a 450- to 500- home development near Kansas Highway 7, north of Basehor. The Basehor City Council annexed the development in April 2001.

The development will also feature an 18-hole golf course and clubhouse, helping to increase the city's sales taxes, city officials said.

During the Basehor mayoral election, Hooker had voiced opposition to annexing the development. Since then, his opinion of the development has changed, he said.

"One hundred and eighty degrees," he said. "My biggest opposition at the time was that it wasn't continuos with the city limits. The development and the developer are all quality. I can be proud to say that Basehor has a golf course."

A second major project for the city is the completion of a new city water department.

In December, the Basehor City Council approved a charter ordinance stating the city's desire to create a water district for residents inside and outside the city limits.

The new water department would start by servicing the Falcon Lakes subdivision, Hooker said.

"We'll start with Falcon Lakes for now and if it works we'll look at possibly going further in the future," Hooker said.

City officials said the new city water department was created to generate revenue for the city.

"It's been discussed in previous administrations and I along with others think there is some money to be made doing that," Hooker said.

It is not yet known where the city will obtain the water for the new department. Hooker said the city has had conversations with the Board of Public Utilities concerning the service BPU could provide.

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