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Letter: Supporting the council’s decision

January 2, 2002

To the Editor:

I am a citizen of Edwardsville and supporter of the City Council. Recently, the Edwardsville City Council voted and approved a pay raise for the council members. I have listened to complaints from other citizens about this pay raise, and I disagree with their complaints.

The City Council was underpaid for the services (that we) expected of them. They each have given time away from their families to conduct city business. As a citizen and voter, I expect the members to foresee, oversee and solve the many complex issues that our city faces. If I as a citizen expect these things from them (in a part-time employment capacity) then I must be willing to compensate appropriately. The City Council has made community improvements and is doing its best to increase the businesses without giving up our small-town atmosphere. We as citizens should thank the Edwardsville City Council for dealing with the community's needs so that we can have a good nights sleep and exist in our daily lives without the worry of running household and community (which by the way- they do). I actually feel that the agreed upon amount was not enough, however I applaud their decision.

Charles Patrick


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