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Reed out for season

January 23, 2002

There's no way Courtney Reed thought her high school basketball season would end in the first quarter of a tournament game in January.

Unfortunately for Reed and her Bobcat teammates that's exactly the case.

The Bobcats leading scorer and rebounder went down with a knee injury during the first quarter of BLHS's fifth-place game against Lincoln Prep on Friday, Jan. 18.

An MRI on Wednesday revealed Reed had torn her right ACL and MCL.

At this point, the extent of the injury is not known. What is known is that Reed will miss the remainder of the basketball season and likely the softball season, as well. She will have surgery in a month.

"You cannot replace a Courtney Reed," BLHS coach Mardy Robinson said of Reed. "But at the same time, you can't dwell on it. We're going to miss her in the lineup, there's no doubt about that, but she's a team player and I think she'll be around here helping out however she can."

Reed said she does intend on going to practice for the rest of the season and she remained positive about her future.

"I'm trying to stay positive because that's what everyone's telling me to do," Reed said. "But it's kind of hard in this situation. All I do is play sports."

As for the rest of the team, they are down, but they're not out.

Sophomore point guard Alex Jeannin, who has torn her ACL twice, said she'd be willing to help Reed as much as she can.

"I've been trying to think of what I can say to her to keep her as positive as possible," Jeannin said. "It's a real bummer, but recovering from it is as much mental as it is physical so I'm going to help her out however I can."

Right now, that might be on the court. Reed said she hopes her team can find a way to replace her in the lineup and she said she'd love for them to continue winning.

"Lately, I hadn't been playing that well anyway and others have stepped up their game," Reed said. "So I think they'll continue to do that, maybe a little more now, and they'll be fine."

With Reed out, the team will look to senior Tara Lucas to be the Bobcats' main inside threat, and Robinson said her team will have to become more guard-oriented.

As for Reed's future, she said she still hopes to play sports at the college level.

"If it's not softball, I'll play basketball," Reed said. "I just want to play some kind of sport in college."

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