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Basehor mayor recovering from heart surgery

July 3, 2002

Recovering from open-heart surgery, Basehor Mayor Bill Hooker said he anticipates being back at work in the next several weeks.

"The surgery went real well and my recovery is going real good," Hooker said. "I think I'll be ready by the next meeting."

"My recovery is going ahead of schedule," he said.

Hooker, 62, underwent surgery June 15 at Providence Medical Center.

Hooker was expected to have five blocked arteries repaired during the surgery. However, doctors found a sixth artery and repaired it as well as the others during the six-hour procedure.

Since the surgery, the mayor has been resting at home.

His doctors placed restrictions on him such as not climbing stairs or lifting objects more than five pounds or "the obvious things that go along with heart surgery," while recovering.

Hooker is scheduled to see a cardiologist this week and begin a 12-week rehabilitation program next week, he said.

"They got me on a pretty tight schedule," Hooker said.

Before the surgery, Hooker asked city residents for their hopes and prayers. It was a request many people responded to, he said.

"There were a lot of calls and a lot of cards," Hooker said. "I'm very appreciative. I don't know that I could thank everyone individually."

City Council president Joseph Scherer has been named interim mayor and has been overseeing city business, including presiding over the June City Council meeting, since Hooker announced he was undergoing surgery.

Hooker will be participating in the Basehor Fourth of July parade Thursday night.

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