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City Council, commissioners negotiate on sewer fees

July 17, 2002

Negotiations began this week between Basehor and Leavenworth County officials to settle sewer fees for developments south of Kansas Highway 24/40.

Both the city and county are currently building sewer interceptor lines that would tie together, allowing developments south of the highway to hook into the Basehor Wastewater Treatment Facility.

At a work session, Monday, July 15, the Basehor City Council and Leavenworth County Commission met to try and settle on how much the developments would pay for connection fees and monthly usage fees to the treatment plant.

The two developments discussed are the Glenwood Ridge area and Cedar Lakes, where a lagoon system must be shutdown by October 2003.

Little was resolved between the two sides during the meeting. However, both sides agreed to continue the negotiations.

"I think we need you and you need us," Leavenworth County Commission chairman Bob Adams said.

"I think it's a negotiable -type fee we'll have to look at," said Chris Garcia, Basehor City Council member. "We're going to have to sit down and look at the numbers."

The sticking point was whether the city would forgo a policy charging out-of-city users 150 percent of the normal rates for connection fees and monthly usage.

County officials said the higher price was too much for the developments to pay.

"It's going to run to the point where it's cost prohibitive," said Joe Daniels, Leavenworth County Commissioner.

Council members said the policy encourages developers to build inside the city.

The sewer rates could eventually be the same for developments outside Basehor as it is for current city residents.

"Basically, should we annex that way, (the rates) would be the same," said Joseph Scherer, interim Basehor mayor.

City Council members said annexing the developments south of the highway could happen in the future.

City officials said it appears, when completed, a 94-acre commercial property across the highway is going to ask for voluntary annexation into Basehor.

If the commercial property is annexed, it would be a pipeline to unilaterally annex Cedar Lakes and Glenwood Ridge, city officials said.

City and county officials agreed to form a committee to try and solve the sewer dilemma.

The committee is expected to meet in the next several weeks, officials said.

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