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KDHE fines restaurant $5,000 or health

July 25, 2002

Victory Junction, a restaurant located at 13832 Parrallel , has been fined $5,000 by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment for on going violations.

"We had inspectors in the establishment March 27, April 12, April 23 and May 17," said Mike Heideman, KDHE public information officer. "We continued to see the same violations of the Kansas food codes."

The violations included employees not washing their hands, handling food without utensils or gloves, and storing food in temperatures that were not cold enough, Heideman said.

"There is a clear pattern that was documented in this case," he said.

State law allows the KDHE Division of Health to issue fines for violations of state regulations under the Kansas Food Service and Lodging Act.

The laws are intended to protect the public from food-borne illness.

The fines are subject to appeal to the Secretary of Health and Environment.

Reportedly, the restaurant will appeal the fines.

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