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Stray dogs maul horse

June 5, 2002

Laying on top of Tom Mills' desk Tuesday morning were five Polaroid pictures of his miniature show horse, Captain Jess.

The pictures show the award-winning horse lying on the ground covered with scrapes, scratches and bite marks from an apparent attack by a pit bull and Rottweiler that had been running loose.

"He was bit from head to toe," said Mills, a Basehor resident.

It doesn't take more than the pictures to see why Mills is considering going before the Basehor City Council to petition against vicious dogs being allowed in the city.

"They really need one," Mills said of the petition. "There shouldn't be breeds such as a pit bull. What if that was a child?"

Mills said the pit bull and Rottweiler killed his horse at about 10 p.m., Sunday, June 2, behind his home on Parallel Road.

As seen in the photos, the white and brown horse, which stood 27 inches tall and weighed approximately 200 pounds, suffered numerous bites to the body, neck and throat.

The miniature stallion was alone in a barn Sunday night.

The dogs, which are believed to be owned by a nearby resident, got in the barn by going underneath a fence, where one or both dogs attacked the horse, Mills said.

To get away from his attackers, the 12-year-old horse ran down a walkway inside a fenced-in area toward a pond, where he jumped in the water.

However, it appears at least one of the dogs followed the horse into the pond.

Basehor police said tracks found at the edge of the water indicates the pit bull followed the horse into the pond.

In the pond, the horse either drowned or died from the attack wounds, police said.

The horse had won numerous shows across the country and was valued at approximately $4,500, Mills said.

"He has been a top stallion in the area and he has taken first place in major shows across the country," he said.

Mills had heard a commotion Sunday night and when he looked outside he saw the pit bull and Rottweiler flee his property.

Once Mills found his horse, he went and confronted a man he believed to be the dog's owner.

Mills said he would seek compensation for the horse from the dogs' owner without going to court.

"If (we cannot reach an agreement), we'll probably end up going to court," he said.

Police have not identified the dogs' owner and the case remains under investigation.

"We are trying to track down the owners of the dogs," Basehor Police officer Jason Slaughter said. "Anyone with information should contact the Basehor Police Department."

City officials said they would seriously look at any petition brought forth seeking a ban on vicious dogs.

"From a personal standpoint, I cannot accept those two types because there have been so many cases," Basehor mayor Bill Hooker said.

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