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Citywide garage sale comes to Basehor

May 22, 2002

As the old saying goes, one person's trash is another's treasure.

If that's so, there will be plenty of riches to be had in Basehor during a citywide garage sale Saturday, June 1.

In past year's, weather has played a key component in attendance at the annual event.

Typically, if there was cold weather on the day of the garage sale, turnout would be minimal.

However, if the weather was favorable, city streets would be packed with those sifting through the unwanted items of strangers, Basehor resident Chuck Wilderson said.

"There's been some pretty big crowds in the past," Wilderson said. "It all just kind of depends on the what kind of weather we get."

Wilderson is a member of Basehor Gold Pride, a community volunteer organization that will have a items for sale at Basehor City Hall during the event.

"It's just kind of a co-op thing, something to make a little money for the treasury," he said.

In past years, another community organization, The Friends of the Basehor Community Library, used the annual event to make extra money by selling refreshments.

This year, however, the group will not continue that effort.

Friends of the Library president Lila White said the group decided not to participate because so many of the group's members were hosting garage sales of their own.

"We just couldn't pull it together this time," White said. "A lot of people were doing their own things for the garage sale."

The citywide garage sale has been ongoing event in Basehor for nearly 10 years now and always takes place the first Saturday in June, Wilderson said.

It started when a neighborhood of homeowners had their own block sale. The event grew from there, he said.

"It just kind of happened by itself," Wilderson said. "It's just kind of a tradition."

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