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Letter: Citizens should be aware of where their taxes are going

May 30, 2002

To the Editor:

Yes taxpayers, wake up! Learn where your taxes are going and why.

The citizens of Bonner Springs passed a half-cent sales tax in 1985 partly to renovate the 1918 building at Third and Cedar. That was never done. Those taxes are still being collected. We, the committee, have never asked nor suggested there be another increase to taxpayers.

The 1918 committee welcomes questions about proposals and subsequent decisions to be made. This committee hosted meetings during the fall of 2001 and awaited additional information relating to costs associated with expansion of the Bonner Springs City Library, Senior Center and Parks & Recreation department needs, which the committee deemed were immediate. Finally, at the May 14 meeting, those considerations were made. It was the consensus that it is better to retain a building already owned by the city than to purchase or build additional buildings in the near future.

The committee voted unanimously to have Wendy Scheidt be its chairperson. Before accepting her position on the City Council, Scheidt met with the former mayor of Bonner Springs, a councilman and the city attorney. She was told that if she had no financial involvement, her participation could continue and her vote would remain.

One needs only to read the minutes of the council meeting to see that the vote did not commit the building to housing the Library, Senior Center and/or Recreation Center. The motion only stated the city would retain the building and investigate community uses. The second motion was for replacing the much-needed roof over the old gymnasium. Funds were set aside in the 2002 general budget for those repairs.

As for the information being provided to the council members, the minutes from the May 14th meeting were in the packets. Motions were mentioned in the minutes. Council member Scheidt asked at the previous council meeting to update the council and have this issue placed on the May 21st agenda as a numbered item. This request was again made at the May 14th committee meeting. The omission of this agenda item was no fault of her or the committee.

Again, the 1918 Building Committee invites anyone to ask questions and attend meetings concerning this issue.

Judy Garrett

Connie Harrington

Jeannine Gallagher

Christy Tiner

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