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Students share early thanks

November 26, 2002

Later this week, families across the country will sit down for dinner and give thanks for their food and each other.

But at Linwood Elementary School, students have already honored and given thanks to a special person in their lives.

On Tuesday, Nov. 26, the LES sixth grade class participated in the first blue ribbon ceremony, an event in which students presented ribbons to someone who has had "a positive impact on their lives and for whom their thankful for," said Connie Weltha, LES counselor and ceremony coordinator.

Weltha organized the event and Basehor-Linwood School District Superintendent Cal Cormack was the featured guest speaker.

"It's important because she asked the kids to think about the people around them and how that affects their lives," Cormack said.

For Cormack, the people he is most thankful for are his brothers, sisters and his parents.

"I am who I am of the people I grew up around and interacted with, and the people I interacted with the most was my family," he said.

And through that interaction, Cormack became the person he is today.

Whether it was the work ethic he learned from his father, or the appreciation for music and books he inherited from his mother, Cormack said those involved in our lives have a profound impact on us.

"You are all very much the product of the people in your lives, friends and family," he said. "Look around, recognize them, appreciate them and enjoy them."

During the ceremony, students picked a wide variety of people in their lives to receive blue ribbons, including parents, grandparents, friends, coaches and teachers.

Anyone receiving a blue ribbon must now choose a person to present a ribbon to and those experiences will be shared when classes resume after Thanksgiving break, Weltha said.

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