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Council members should remember Golden Rule

October 9, 2002

To the Editor:

Clausie Smith and I have had differences, but I loved his Sept. 12 column "Some advice for the terrorists." He said, "We need to let the rest of the world know that all we want as a nation is to be left alone. Don't try to force your narrow views of the world on us. Simply play nice and so will we."

In the last year and a half, I have watched our Bonner Springs City Council. We need to let our council members know that what we, in Old Town Bonner, really want is to be left alone. Don't try to force your modern Johnson County views on us. Simply play nice and so will we.

None of us were horrified by the Lions Club paper bin, and its trash barrel. We knew why they were there. I heard the mayor say he was going to get rid of barrels, but when he got rid of that barrel without a replacement, I couldn't understand. (You see, it was a barrel I had watched during my month watching and picking up trash in two parking lots. 24 hours a day, the entire month of August 2001.) When I heard about replacing trash barrels with $750 trash receptacles, I immediately thought: "Why not have an art contest among our young artists like Boston had for decorating its fire hydrants, or Kansas City its cows?" A brochure of names and pictures of budding artists could be given to visitors. I could visualize Jessi Langley competing to decorate a colorful trash barrel.

Smith said: "There will always be differences of opinion within communities. There is no reason they should make us angry or bitterWe should treat others the way we would like them to treat us." My neighbor, Mr. Messmer, is not a problem in my life; he obviously learned the Golden Rule as a child. He likes concrete driveways. He will never change my mind, even though he politely said, "When you fix your driveway, you will need to get an engineer." I like gravel driveways Ecologically, they let water run into the roots of our trees and plants rather than off concrete driveways down our storm sewers and away. In the '30s, I played down by the street after a rainstorm. There has always been a puddle for birds, toads, and young children. There used to be a ditch in which kids dammed up water and floated, playing like rafts.

Our mayor, some council members and their followers seem to have just forgotten to "Do unto others as you would have other do unto you."

Doris Elliott-Watson

Bonner Springs

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