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Player’s family denies fault in attack on coach

October 9, 2002

Two men charged with striking a Basehor-Linwood High School football coach deny any wrongdoing and will fight the accusations in court.

Last week, Basehor resident Terry Call and Donald Adams were charged with striking a school official and disorderly conduct. They are scheduled for an arraignment hearing Nov. 12.

The two are accused of attacking Basehor-Linwood High School assistant football coach Travis Scwartz after a freshman game Monday, Sept. 30.

Adams and Call the father and grandfather of a Bobcat football player claim Scwartz shook the player and when the men tried to question the coach a fight began.

"I did nothing and got attacked," Adams said. "I never touched the man. He attacked me."

Call did not see the alleged shaking of the player, but said his family members did and told him about it.

"They were telling me (he) got shaken like a rag doll," Call said. "There was no reason for that."

"I'm involved with church and I wouldn't attack anybody," Call said. "I'm in no shape to attack anybody."

Scwartz, however, denies the two men's claim and said they attacked him without provocation.

He did grab the player's shirt but the action was hardly abuse, he said.

"I told him we run off the field whether we're winning by 30 or losing by 30," Scwartz said.

"I did not shake their (boy)," he added.

A Basehor Police Department investigation exonerated Scwartz from charges and the coach recently returned to the practice field from a three-day administrative leave.

Last week, both police and school officials said they're findings indicated the altercation was initiated by Call and Adams.

Neither party backed off those findings this week.

"We would have charged (Scwartz) if he had started it, but we didn't have anyone say that. Not one of them," said Sgt. Martin Cigich, Basehor Police Department. "None of the independent witnesses said that."

"There is nothing to suggest any shaking of players," said Joe Keeler, BLHS athletic director. "We haven't received any information suggesting any wrongdoing."

Call and Adams said they have witnesses who will testify in court that Scwartz crossed the line.

"Anybody at the game could see that," Adams said.

The family also plans to file a battery complaint against the coach.

"I'd like to get child abuse or battery of a minor," he said.

Call and Adams have contacted an attorney, Brian Leininger, of Olathe, about defending them. Call said further litigation could also occur.

Scwartz said the incident was unfortunate, but he will continue to coach football at BLHS.

"I still love coaching and I still love the players," he said. "I'm not going to let this deter me."

The player involved in the alleged incident continues to play for the freshman football team.

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